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Full-Service Estate & Relocation Sales


Below is a a brief description of the multifaceted services we deliver, outlined in the order a typical sale process follows:

     1) Walk-through Consultation

     2) Advertising & Research

     3) Staging, Set Up & Sale Days

     4) Finalizing Your Sale

Consultations are complimentary. Call today:

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Walk-through Consultation

Our client relationships usually begin with a phone call or email to schedule an on-site meeting to accomplish the following.

  • Advise clients on having a sale.

  • Understand client’s needs for speed, privacy and the logistics surrounding a sale. Clarify client's goals.

  • Assess the research and staging methods, techniques and needs required to increase the value and success of your sale.

  • Design a preliminary custom plan for your sale.

  • Discuss choices and set a course of action.​

Advertising & Research

We promptly move into the advertising and research phase to maximize the value of your sale before it happens.

  • Take photographs of key items for sale during initial walk-through or subsequent meeting.

  • Promptly create advertisements as early as possible to generate interest. Maintain ads and social media campaigns until the time of your sale.

  • Conduct research for unique items to ensure accurate market values are known.

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Staging, Set Up & Sale Days

SHES provides staff, equipment and management of the overall staging, pricing and sale process with no lay-out of costs to clients. Set-up typically begins the week prior to your sale and requires 1-3 days. Sale Days take place on your reserved date for 2-4 days bringing a high volume of competitive buying.

  • Manage the overall staging, pricing and sale process on behalf of the client.

  • Provide careful pricing for all items based on experience, research and accurate current market values.

  • Provide team to organize and display items according to our professional staging protocols. 

  • Update advertisements with additional photos as more items become visible and attractively displayed.

  • Conduct 2-4 day sale with experienced, respectful and engaging sales team to facilitate sales.

  • Provide delivery service to facilitate sales and logistical support for safely moving sold items from home.

Finalizing Your Sale

When your final Sale Day comes to a close, we complete your affairs promptly.  


  • Follow-up with leads to close potential additional sales on remaining items.

  • Finish pick-ups and/or deliveries of sold items if necessary.

  • Optional assistance with third party buy-out or donation of remaining items.

  • Due proceeds paid to client within 15 days of end of sale.

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Consultations are complimentary. Call today:

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